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Wooden Flooring

By Wood and Beyond
Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wood flooring is a common sight in many offices across the UK. If you are looking to redesign your office in 2012, new flooring may be a consideration.

Interior design that has been designed to suit the intended use of the property can help increase its value and very importantly, can help sustain a comfortable and productive office environment. If you already have wood flooring fitted, a simple procedure that can be undertaken during the redesign work could fresh up the appearance of the wood.

Choosing Wood Flooring:

Whilst experts agree that a successful interior design project will likely increase the value of the property to some degree and help improve overall productivity (when business premises are concerned), it depends on how well the new design fits the property’s use. With regard to wood flooring, there are essentially two types of wood flooring on market and you should aim to fit the right type based on your own circumstances.

Solid wood flooring – This is the most common type that has been around for years.  The benefit is its long lasting durability and that it will suit most properties. The construction is made of complete wood and while this provides renowned durability, it also creates two significant problems that may cause the floor to become unusable in some properties. It is not suitable for under floor heating and in areas that may experience damp conditions. Such areas are the bathroom, kitchen, basement or in general in properties that are located near a water source.

Engineered wood flooring – On the surface, the floor looks precisely like any other wood flooring, however its construction is using MDF and plywood. While its varied construction makes the floor less durable, it is suitable for fitting over under floor heating and for areas that experience damp when the floor has been coated in UV Lacquered finish that seals the wood. Finally, the floor can be fitted using floating installation that does not require nails or glue and makes fitting cheaper.

Offices Already Having Wood Flooring:

Wood flooring is a natural material that is susceptible to wear and tear caused by foot traffic and incorrect cleaning. The process of refreshing the looks of the wood involves sanding 1 mm of top layer thereby exposing new wood. Depending on the type of floor, most property owners are unaware that the process can be done up to 6 times during the lifetime of the wood. The process involves the following:

Sanding – For around £30 a day, it is possible to hire a sander from all good hardware stores. An orbital sander is the easiest to use and does not require any special training. Using sand paper, 1mm of top layer is removed.

Coating – Because wood is a natural material, it requires basic protection in the shape of a top transparent layer of coating. Once you have decided on a suitable coating, it should be applied using a brush to avoid creating puddles of coating. For longer lasting results, the process of coating can be applied twice after the first layer had dried.

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Wooden Floor

Article by Wood and Beyond for Jabula Interior Projects Ltd. Wood and Beyond is a London based timber vendor with many years experience of dealing with solid wood flooring as well as with engineered wood flooring.

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