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Secure Personal Storage at work

By Richard Coombs
Monday, November 18, 2013

Maine Lockers


There is a growing trend in the office environment to provide Personal storage space in place of the traditional Desk Pedestal.

Lockers are invariably specified as a truly flexible system for the workplace storage solution. There are many security options depending on the client requirement. From simple keyed locks, to Tumbler Combination Locks, Digital Combination locks, and also RFID Solutions.

The workplace is entering one of the most exciting periods of change, with more businesses converting to smarter ways of working.

With this change taking place, businesses have an ever increasing need for secure personal storage space for their staff.

Technology is advancing and changing, it brings new workplace technology, Tablet Computers, and other mobile Communications also allow employees to work remotely and be flexible around the office.

Maine lockers, (available from Jabula Interior Projects) designed for this workplace revolution, can provide your staff with the secure, durable yet interchangeable solution they need to manage this way of working.

Maine Lockers offer a wide range of innovative features such as letterbox openings, Business Card/Name Card Holders, Combination Locks, Keycard Locks, and also a wide range of contrasting colours to assist in giving the workplace that personal touch."

Should you need any additional information, please speak to Richard Coombs - details are on the "Contact Us" page.

Maine Lockers

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