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20th October 2014 Orgatec International Trade Fair

By Richard Coombs
Monday, October 20, 2014

I went across to the exhibition in Cologne (which is held every 2 years) for 4 days to look at the latest solutions for international modern workplace concepts.

This is a great opportunity to meet up with colleagues and friends from all over the world, gather info and pass the latest trends onto Jabula Interior Projects' valued clients.

The Orgatec trade fair has around 50,000 visitors from 123 countries who come to see what the future solutions for modern working environments will be!

Facilities managers, designers and architects etc. are interested in what tomorrow's trends will look like and this is the best place I have ever found for this.

I noticed that the main trend this year was Acoustics - a complete hall was dedicated to this very important aspect. This is particularly topical as recently I have had some of my clients approach me looking for solutions to reduce the noise level in their offices. With more people being accommodated in existing workspace the noise level increases and this often is a major complaint and distraction for other office users. We could actually say that noise is unwanted sound...  Fortunately much research has been done into absorbing sound into various acoustic panels which work really well, have great design and look great. There are many options/solutions available, something to suit everyone's budget and situation - wall mounted, ceiling mounted, floor standing, various artwork, screens, and booths etc. which help reduce the reverberation time and make the environment far more comfortable and therefore productivity will improve.

Many people also realise that the height adjustability of furniture is very more important as the health benefits of not sitting for extended periods becomes more widely accepted.

Humanscale have designed a brilliant product called QuickStand which clamps to any fixed-height work surface and effectively turns it into a "sit/stand" workstations with all the associated health benefits. This costs far less than buying a brand new height adjustable desk, a good option for those who want to keep their existing desks!

I also saw an interesting new manufacturer who makes treadmill desks and stationary bikes that are to be used with height adjustable desks. These are for companies who would like to assist their staff in getting more exercise in the office whilst still being able to work on a keyboard. The idea is to walk or pedal very slowly, at 1-2 miles per hour and then you will still be able to talk on the phone and do e-mails etc.

They even come with calorie counters, distance covered and speed. If shared amongst an office it could be a useful addition for those people who don't manage to get much exercise and sit at a desk for most of the day, or even those who would like to be more active. Work & exercise at the same time has to be a win/win?


I will be sharing this interesting info with my clients over the next few weeks in an effort to keep them up to date with the latest trends.

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