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Jabula Interior Projects

About Us



Richard Coombs launched Jabula Interior Projects Ltd and has more than 25 years experience in office furniture and interior environments. This expertise will ensure that our clients derive a truly beneficial, cost effective office working environment. We offer a one stop service from conception to completion. As clients needs vary, we can adapt our services to meet your individual requirements, from managing the whole project to handling one aspect only.

Many, many studies have shown that a poorly designed, lack lustre and uncomfortable workplace actually has a negative effect on productivity. In most cases it’s simply that the floor space hasn’t been designed properly – Jabula Interior Projects can remedy this really quickly. We create high performance working environments; at the very least we can save our clients’ money by making better use of every available square metre of space!

Richard has worked as a specialist seating consultant and has been extensively trained by various American, German and Swiss seating manufacturers, enabling him to use his vast knowledge of chairs for the benefit of his clients.

There are 5 areas that need addressing to make a workplace comfortable, harmonious and inspiring and we will look at these with our clients.

1. Design/layout of the office
2. Temperature
3. Noise and acoustics
4. Suitable furniture
5. Lighting.

The Zulu word "Jabula" means happy, glad or rejoice. Having been educated and grown up in South Africa, Richard is proud of his African roots.

Our aim is to create happy, satisfied customers who will gladly recommend Jabula and give us repeat business!